The Big C

A journey through Stage Four Cancer


Hello! My name is Mary Bennett.  I was married 29 years and had 6 kids when I was  diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer.  I decided to blog about it, because at the time, all I could find on the net was honest, but depressing medical information that didn’t talk about what the PERSON with cancer would experience.

Cancer makes you feel a gamut of feelings, a lot of them overwhelmingly sad and at inopportune times.  But cancer doesn’t make you stop being YOU.  The cancer or the treatment of it might make your body a little weaker, I refer to this as the “new normal.”  You adjust, and go on living.

I hope this blog gives you a bit of an insight to what to expect with stage four cancer so it doesn’t seem so scary.  I also hope that it gives you a bit of a smile and more, I hope it gives you hope and the courage to go on living, really living, the rest of your life!


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