The Big C

A journey through Stage Four Cancer

Turning The Corner

on January 20, 2013

I think that I am turning the corner.  I think slowly the medicine is being shed from my body.   It’s left me with trouble eating, nothing looks good, and usally  doesn’t stay with me.

The Dr has put me on a hormone to help me gain weight, and my throwing up is getting later and later at night. Not necessarily a pleasant thing, because I can feel nauseous for hours until finally I do throw up.  But last night, I didn’t throw up.

So far, I’m feeling good today too.  Achey, but tummy wise, no troubles.

It’s funny.  DH made me a sausage for breakfast, then an hour or so later, I was hungry and had some raisins.  Then some macaroni and cheese.  Yesterday, I also had pop corn chicken.

My nurse gave me very good advice, when taking the hormone to increase your appetite, make sure you take it at the same exact time every time.  I’e been very punctual and it seems to be working.

Still taking my potassium supplements.


One response to “Turning The Corner

  1. Janel says:

    Praying that you are doing better these days. You haven’t posted in a while…please give us an update 🙂 Take care…Janel in NJ

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