The Big C

A journey through Stage Four Cancer

The Fall

on January 15, 2013

       Not to long ago, my cousin and I were talking about physical abillities and our own abilities. And then came the subject of falling.  I realized then, that if I fell, i probably wouldn’t be able to get up again on my own,  I vowed then to be carefall and not take any chances.

           And then came Friday, to prove Murphy is still in charge, because I fell. Why did I fall?  I don’t know, I didn’t trip on anything.  I don’t think I passed out.  It will remain a mystery to me. Why?

             I went to the hospital.  They checked my blood chemistry and everything is fine,  I went to my oncologist a few days later and he wants me to use a walker now, for a while anyway.

                 When I walk now, I am very careful.  The fall was very painful and I don’t wish to repeat it.  No dim hallways, no getting up quickly, if I’m lying in bed, I sit up for a few minutes before getting out of bed.

                      It’s always something!


2 responses to “The Fall

  1. training_scholar says:

    Have you been tested for osteoporosis? (Cecilia)

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