The Big C

A journey through Stage Four Cancer

Scary Medicine

on November 15, 2012

The medicine that I told you about in a previous blog entry has arrived.  I’ll be taking it with me to the Dr. on Monday and then shortly after, I will be taking two of the pills, once a day.

Or maybe not.

The meds came with a few printed pages of info, like I dare say most new prescriptions do.  And I read them.  They were full of info on how the pill works, on the dangers of taking the pills, and symptoms to be aware of and watch for.  It was in one word – scary!

These meds also work in a way that previous pills did, and it took me almost a year to recover fully.  In fact, I still consider myself recovering.  So again – scary!

Before Monday, I plan to write my questions and concerns down on paper and not be satisfied until all these things are addressed.

If you ever start a new medicine, this is what you should do to.  An informed consumer is a wise consumer.

I really, really ask all my readers to redouble their prayers for me.  It may be a scary two weeks.


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