The Big C

A journey through Stage Four Cancer

Up On The Roof

on July 7, 2012

Well, not quite the roof.  I’m on the 8th floor.  I love this room, I call it the apartment, soo much!  I’ve even dragged members of the family into decorating it with me.  Where would we put a cook top?  Would we leave the window bank clear for watching the red tailed hawk that like to fly by every so often ? 

To go along with the perfection of this sunny room, it gets vacuumed and cleaned every single day, and it isn’t by me.  No, I get to be the Grande Dame and sit by the windows.

In the last few days, I have stopped vomiting, and I am eating clear – that means nothing in it it- chicken broth.  I have also had a PIC line put into my left arm.  The operation for it was done under local anesthesia and was mildly painful, but not enough to even bring tears to my eyes.   What is annoying is getting used to the feeling of it being on me. 

Through the PICC line, I am receiving a white fluid called TPN that is feeding my body what it needs.

This Hospital also has a Thursday crafts day, or art therapy day.  Whichever, I was given a wooden picture frame, paintbrushes and gorgeous acrylic paint and enjoyed a good hour or so painting the frame, and my hands.

If I have to be here much longer, I hope I don’t miss next weeks art day!



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