The Big C

A journey through Stage Four Cancer


on June 23, 2012

There has been a lot of good news on my prayer list.  Two of my friends have gone into remission, which considering the progression of the disease for the two of them, is pretty remarkable.  They are getting to socialize again like they did in their old lives, and one is even able to drive.  A third friend is getting a better grip on her disease and although it is acting up, she is able to handle it better, so all and all, prayers are being answered.  Miracles are happening.

I was telling my daughter about the positive changes and she listened silently.  When I was finished, she asked “Well, when do you get your miracle?”

Without even taking time to think I rattled off what first came to mind.  “I’ve already had my miracle, miracles!  You being born was a miracle, in fact all the births of my babies have been miracles!  And your dad and I even meeting was a miracle….”

She rolled her eyes.  There was definitely a difference in what we both considered miracles.

Later that night, I was thinking about our conversation and how quickly I was able to call to mind the miracles in my life.  My husband and I meeting in the first place, when we came from different towns, were in different life situations and had nothing in common.  In fact, I didn’t eve like Nate when I first met him!  A teenage marriage and 32 years later, we’re still together, some might call that a miracle!

In this day, having six kids with the same parents is pretty miraculous, especially when pregnancy was never easy for me.  I never miscarried, but was told to be prepared with two different pregnancies, because it was imminent.  That is pretty miraculous.

Everything that I ever wanted in life, or wanted to do, I’ve gotten or done.  That is pretty miraculous too.

I’ve had plenty of miracles in my life.

Chemo starts again in two more days.  I don’t remember what round I’m on.  I don’t think that matters, what matters is that the chemicals still work.  Sunday night, I have to take 5 pills just before bedtime to help make sure that I don’t have a bad reaction to the chemo.


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