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A journey through Stage Four Cancer

Not a Candidate

on June 18, 2012

On Friday I found out that I’m not a candidate for radiation.  The spot where the lymph nodes are, has been radiated before and I also now have intestines in the way, so radiation is definitely out because the side effects could be bad. Really bad.

I was glad that the Dr in charge was so on the ball that he caught it.

So today I returned to my oncologist.  The only days to pass between the two doctor appointments was the weekend.  I am really grateful that I was seen so soon.

The plan now is to start getting chemo again for a while.  Other medicines are supposed to come on the market in the next few months, so I might be trying one of those later on.  But right now, the goal is to get rid of my pain, and the only way to do that, is for the lymph nodes to shrink.

I feel like I have been here before, and probably will be again.  But that is good because that means my chemo is still working.  Unlike Elizabeth Edwards, whose chemo stopped working.  And she died.

I am really, really angry right now, because  Elizabeth’s husband John Edwards, mistress Rielle Hunter has written a “tell all” book titled “What Really Happened.”  I first off, can not believe that she wrote a book instead of disappearing quietly into the mists of history.  I would be soo ashamed to be nationally, and may-be even internationally known as someone’s mistress, never mind the mistress of a married man, a married man whose wife is suffering from cancer.  Rielle acts as if she has achieved something worthwhile instead of bringing another illegitimate child into the world that doesn’t have, and never will have, an intact family.  Teenagers do this all the time, for Hunter to have done it, hmmmm, not such an accomplishment.

But what has me really, really angry is that she calls Elizabeth Edwards a “witch on wheels” because when Elizabeth found out about Hunter, she called Hunter at all  “different times of night and day, from all different numbers.”

Seriously?  Is Hunter that naive or just that self centered?  What did she expect Elizabeth Edwards to do to the woman who knowing Edwards was a married man, had an affair with him anyway?  Harassing Hunter with phone calls doesn’t make Elizabeth a witch of wheels, but having an affair with a married man sure makes Rielle Hunter one.

And Hunter claims that Elizabeth was “bonkers” for “being in denial about John’s womanizing.”  Really?  Again Hunter shows her self -centeredness,  Elizabeth has a family with young children, she is a Senators wife with the responsabilities that come with it, and she has cancer, with all the procedures, schedules, pain and heartbreak that entails, and she is supposed to face her husband’s infidelity too?  Really?

I’ll tell you what Rielle, you get stage four cancer and go through mesectomies and chemotherapies and the side effects and we’ll see how well you do with John’s cheating on you.  Maybe he’ll have an illegitimate child with that one too, for you to deal with.  If he hasn’t kicked you to the curb by then. 

And Hunter writes all this, about a woman that she participated in the ultimate betrayal of, who has been dead barely two years. 

Where is the propriety?

I can NOT believe that any editor would have given this manuscript the time of day, and I can’t believe any publisher would actually publish this trash.

How low we have sunk as a civilization!!



3 responses to “Not a Candidate

  1. Janel says:

    Unfortunately, nothing surprises me anymore! What also bothered me was she states she wrote this book for her daughter. I don’t think she should be so proud to announce something like this! The whole situation is so sad…and I’m sad that you were not a candidate for the radiation. Do you have any idea when you start Chemo again? I’m praying for you! Stay strong my friend…Janel in NJ

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