The Big C

A journey through Stage Four Cancer

It’s Here!

on November 30, 2011

            My wheel chair is finally here!  What a story about it getting here.  As you know, I was trying hard to be patient about the coming of my wheel chair.  I reminded myself that some people were already mailing their Christmas presents and the Thanksgiving Holiday was coming so inevitably, things would be moving slowly.  But finally, last week I called to find out, where is my wheel chair.

Well maam, Fed Ex delivered your chair to the front door on November 11th.  No signature was required.

First off, I want to know who thought making not signing for a delivery a good idea?  If you are using Fed Ex or UPS for delivery, the item must be pretty important in some way.  Signatures should be required unless you specifically ask that a signature not be required.

I was home all day that day, as was my husband, since the eleventh was Veterans Day, a holiday.  My wheel chair was not delivered here, I can guarantee.

Fed Ex says yes it was.

So my wheel chair was considered lost, and a new one was on it’s way.

The next day, there was a noise in my driveway.  I checked, it was just a plain ordinary truck of someone I didn’t know.

Apparently the person in my driveway was a building contractor, doing work on a house on a nearby street that is also called Court, like my road is.  The house is of a Navy man who is out at sea, so he had no idea that my wheel chair was waiting on his front porch.  His parents check on the house every so often, and told the contractor that they would deliver the chair to my house, but they never did.

Yesterday, the contractor returned to the house to do more work, and saw my wheelchair still there, so he decided to deliver my chair.  A man who owes me nothing, has no responsability to deliver my wheelchair, did it.  He did it without telling me his name, without expecting compensation or thanks.

As my son was putting together my wheelchair, Fed Ex backed into my driveway, dropped a box with my replacement wheelchair next to my garage and was half way down the street by the time I was able to get to my front door to refuse the delivery.

He never knocked on the door or asked for a signature.

In one day I went from having no wheelchair, to having two wheelchairs!

And I know first hand that their are still heros in this world.


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