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Be Careful About the Wolf At Your Door

on August 3, 2011

It is almost synonymous, if you are going to have cancer, you are going to get huge medical bills.  This is such a known fact, that a survey I read actually showed that people are more afraid of the medical bills they will get from having cancer than they are of actually getting cancer.

Pretty sad.

I’ve had some bills that have come in the mail that absolutely made my head spin!   Sometimes the Medical Group will review your situation, what your insurance covers and actually reduce your bill.  Some Medical Groups won’t budge at all.

But before you get heart palpitations over a medical bill, call the number on the bill.  See if they won’t work out a payment plan for you that won’t wreck your budget.

Maybe the wolf at your door is nothing more than a benign Labrador!



3 responses to “Be Careful About the Wolf At Your Door

  1. sherri says:

    i can only begin to imagine what medical bills must be for cancer patients… mine are huge and i don’t have near the expense of cancer treatment…

    how are you feeling these days?

  2. The Big C says:

    Sheri, have you been able to set up a payment plan? One -wolf at my door- hospital wouldn’t settle for anything less that $100 a month. A friend of mine’s minimum payment is $200 a month – ouch! But I’m finding that most hospitals are benign labradors, they have been allowing minimum payments of $50 per month.
    That was a huge relief!

    • sherri says:

      i have set up payment plans and have been good at sticking with them… huge relief… hopefully things will be paid off/down before i can no longer work… we shall see…

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