The Big C

A journey through Stage Four Cancer

The Aunt Alice Award

on June 17, 2011

Some people are truly angels walking this earth, case in point is my cousin Alice.  She is six months older than I am, and my life long friend.  When I think back on happy memories, like long summer vacations, she’s always there among them.

She is a sweet person who always looks out for other people’s feelings.  She is kind and considerate and she knows when someone could use a lift.

I was so lucky, because she and her husband Steve came from miles away to visit me this weekend.  But she did more than just visit, she bought with her everything that we could need for our supper together, from the drinks and tableware, to dessert and even her homemade spaghetti salad – which was delicious and I ate too much of  it!

I was sick on my 50th birthday, so unknown to me, Alice also bought everything with her for a birthday surprise, including a tiara for my knit cap covered head!  She asked if I minded if Steve took a few pictures, and I was so happy that I actually didn’t mind posing with my pink capped little head! 

God bless Alice!



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